Best Places to Build: #3 St. Johnsbury, Vermont

St. Johnsbury, Vermont, #3 on Log Home Living's List of Best Places to Build a Log Home.

#3 St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Why it’s hot: Forty miles south of the Canadian border, St. Johnsbury sits as the southern gateway to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

The heavily wooded and sparsely populated region (numbering 7,751 people and four stoplights) could be the textbook definition for terms like “idyllic” and “quaint.”

In addition to skiing the 2,000 foot drop and 43 trails of nearby Burke Mountain, where Olympic skiers work on their chops, and visiting a small cache of state parks showcasing gorgeous wilderness, visitors and locals can fish for a wide range of trout, bass and salmon, and hunt for anything from black bear to moose. A visit to St. Johnsbury makes it clear why Patricia Schultz included the region in her best-seller 1,000 Places To See Before You Die.

How they live: Locals celebrate the arrival of their picturesque foliage with the Annual Northeast Kingdom Fall Foliage Festival, which occurs in seven towns (including St. Johnsbury) over seven days. And the Annual Burklyn Arts Council Summer Craft Fair showcases more than 60 talented Vermont artists

Recent land sale prices:
Expect a wide range, from $1,600 to $50,000 per acre. Recent listings include 19 acres for $80,000, 60 acres for $150,000, and 4 acres for $68,000.

Closest metropolitan area: 153 miles (Montreal, Quebec); 173 miles (Boston, Massachusetts)

More information: town.st-johnsbury.vt.us
Burke Mountain
#3 St. Johnsbury, Vermont