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Want a bit of old-fashioned charm in your home? Discover this tin Movie Sign that harkens back to a time when going to the picture show was still a novelty.

Reel Love
Clare's Wares | October 2007
by: Clare Martin

Reel Love

The rise of the Art Deco movement in the 1920s and 30s coincided with the growing popularity of motion pictures, which got a huge boost when The Jazz Singer, the first film with sound, debuted in 1927. With classic Deco motifs, Sturbridge Yankee’s tin Show Time Movie Sign harkens back to a time when going to the “picture show” was still a novelty. Whether you choose to make it the centerpiece of your own mini home theater or just display it proudly near your plasma TV, the sign will lend your modern gadgets a bit of old-fashioned charm.


Call 800-343-1144, or visit sturbridgeyankee.com.

Sturbridge Yankee tin

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