House Plan Resources

Protection for a Lifetime
Protect your log home forever from its outdoor enemies - moisture, sunlight and insects.
5 Fall Timber Home Maintenance Essentials
Fall Maintenance
Check for signs of damage to your wood home's exterior before the cold weather begins to set in.
Hybrid Hits
The wood home industry has embraced the idea of hybrid construction. Learn everything you need to know about combining materia...
Classic Design
Learn how to create a classic design for your log home based on the unique regional architecture of your land location.
Mountain Style Homes
Explore the many different architectural design ideas for custom log and timber mountain homes.
Restoring a Neglected Log Home
Take your log home from grunge to glory in 4 steps. Four circumstances dictate when stripping is necessary: When there is any t...
How Will You Build Your Home?
During the building of your new log or timber home, you'll face hundreds of decisions. One of the big questions is this: Who is...
Choosing Your Producer
The differences among log home companies go beyond the looks of their homes, find out if you need to hire a producer for your p...
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Download this free article to learn more about how to maintain your logs without too much hassle.
Square Footage 10
Learn the basics of square footage...how its measured and how different spaces have different value.
Best Plan Between 2,500 and 4,000 Square Feet: Honorable Mention
The Blue Ridge by the Log Connection, winner of honorable mention for Best Plan Between 2,500 and 4,000 Square Feet in the 2011...
Best Floor Plan Over 2,500 Square Feet: The Trailside – PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes
The Trailside by PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes, winner of Best Floor Plan Over 2,500 Square Feet in the 2009 Country's Best...
10 Most Common Planning Mistakes
Avoid the most common or egregious planning mistakes when building your log home.
Simple Beauty | Designing a Japanese-Styled Wood Home
The art of Japanese styled custom wood homes.
Park Lodges of Yesteryear
Some vacation log homes incorporate Parkitecture.
Living with bears ... and living to tell about it
Are they as afraid of you as you are of them?
Second Heaven: The Perfect Vacation Home
You'll enjoy your second or vacation home a lot more if you successfully plan on the front end.
Heavy Metal: Wrought iron accents
Blacksmithing and log-building traditions go hand in hand.
From Pesky Pariah to Pretty Product
Invasive red cedar turns into furniture.
Size Matters: Choosing the Correct Square Footage
Determine the size your log home by relying on lifestyle needs, budget, and strategic design.