Log Home Building & Construction

The Ideal Ski Home
Create your perfect ski getaway with architectural designs that embody the comfort and luxury you want to feel when you are there.
Long Distance Design
Hire and work with design firms or companies that are right for your dream home, even with a long distance between you and your...
Hybrid Hits
The wood home industry has embraced the idea of hybrid construction. Learn everything you need to know about combining materia...
Classic Design
Learn how to create a classic design for your log home based on the unique regional architecture of your land location.
Mountain Style Homes
Explore the many different architectural design ideas for custom log and timber mountain homes.
Restoring a Neglected Log Home
Take your log home from grunge to glory in 4 steps. Four circumstances dictate when stripping is necessary: When there is any t...
How Will You Build Your Home?
During the building of your new log or timber home, you'll face hundreds of decisions. One of the big questions is this: Who is...
Choosing Your Producer
The differences among log home companies go beyond the looks of their homes, find out if you need to hire a producer for your p...
Square Footage 10
Learn the basics of square footage...how its measured and how different spaces have different value.
Protecting Trees During Log Home Construction
Saving trees during construction of your log home can add to its aesthetic, monetary and environmental value.
Russian Log Home Architecture
Wood is the foundation of some of the world’s greatest historical construction projects, and Russia’s rich history of architect...
Guide to Window Treatments for Log Homes
Everything you need to know about trouble-free treatments to enhance (and protect) your log home's interior.
What's in Your Tool Box?
Tool picks from a pro and one cool gadget giveaway.
Understanding Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms sound the early warning in home fires and save lives, so make sure you know what you're buying.
7 Tips for Planning, Building and Finishing Your Basement | Savvy Builder
Seven ways to create a functional and affordable basement for your log home.
Construction Advice - Dealing with Disasters
What happens when a building project goes wrong—and what should you do?
Great Room With Fireplace and Warm Details
2019 Guide to Fireplace, Stove & Mantel Companies
Log Home Living & Timber Home Living’s 2019 guide to manufacturers specializing in fireplace design, fireplace inserts, wood st...
Just Don't Do It | Log Home DIY Do's & Don'ts
DIY projects you should—and shouldn't—tackle when building your log home.
The Who's Who of Building Log Homes
The 8 pros you want to know when building a log home.