Log Home Building & Construction

Insurance for Log Homes
Learn what type of insurance you'll need to cover your log home from construction to completion.
How To Build a Log Home Quickly
8 suggestions from building professionals to help you build your home in less than six months while saving money.
Picking a House Log
As you research log homes, you'll discover there are major differences in various types and brands of house logs, and this results in substantial differences in design and construction.
Learning Logs
Whether you plan to build your own home or just want to understand the building process as it unfolds, there's a learning opportunity right for you.
Mission: Design a Dream
Walk through each phase of planning, building and designing your future home so that you know exactly what it takes to create your dream.
The Ups and Downs of Building on a Slope
Learn the advantages of building a log home on a slope, while also understanding the potential challenges a hilly property may present.
Universal Design
Learn the major factors of designing a functional and stylish log home that's accessible to people at any age.
Guide to Building Your Log Home
Detailed "how to guide" to building a log home, covering everything from site locations to log raising to interior finishes.
Video: Making a Small Home Feel Large
If you’re thinking of building your own cabin or cottage, you’ll need to be smart about your home’s final design.
Editor's Picks: Home-Improvement Tools
4 home-improvement tools to consider adding to your tool box for maintenance projects
Windows Q&A
Here are questions to ask yourself and tips to consider when it comes time to select your windows.
Why Now Is the Time to Build a Log Cabin
Low interest rates and high inventories are good news for buyers.
HVAC Size Chart - Determine Your Heating and Cooling Needs
Use the following chart to gain a rough idea of the typical size of furnace and air conditioner needed for different-size homes.
Guide to Stairs and Railings for Log Homes
Find stairs and railings for your log home with one of these providers.