Places to Build

Finding the Right Site for Your Log Home
When you're selecting land for your log home, remember the old real estate adage — location, location, location.
Long-Distance Home Building Guide | 5 Tips for Building Remotely
Not building in your own back yard? Use our long-distance building survival tips.
Luxury R & R
Discover 10 log home communities where you can have it all.
Oh, Canada
With the 2010 Winter Olympics headed to British Columbia, Kelowna is ready to show off the beauty of the Canadian Tropics.
Building a Log Home in Trinidad, Colorado
There's no better place to fulfill your lifelong dream of building a log home than on the vast expanses of terra firma up for grabs around Trinidad, Colorado.
Enchanted Land
Consistently voted as one of the best places to vacation, live and retire, Ruidoso, New Mexico, has much to offer those who dream of owning a log home in the Southwest.
The Search for Land
A Virginia couple forges a path to the perfect site—in North Carolina.
Stay the Night
Log B&Bs offer more than just food and lodging.