Log Profile and Corner Styles

Learn about the different log home profile styles and determine which could be right for yours.

A Guide to Log Corner Profiles
How your logs intersect at the corner is one of the most defining features of your home. Consult this log home corner profile style guide to learn more about popular styles of log home corners.
The Cost of Handcrafting
Handcrafted log homes are one-of-a-kind, but you pay a price for that uniqueness. Before you break ground, make sure your budge...
The Cost of Handcrafting
Handcrafted homes feature logs left in their natural state. They haven't been milled or cut to a uniform size and dimension. On...
Best Facade Forward
Explore 4 of the most popular options for covering the exterior of your timber home.
Picking a House Log
As you research log homes, you'll discover there are major differences in various types and brands of house logs, and this results in substantial differences in design and construction.
Guide to Building Your Log Home
Detailed "how to guide" to building a log home, covering everything from site locations to log raising to interior finishes.
If These Walls Could Talk
Modern materials produce timeless style in today's log homes.